New Blog Schedule

Has it been a busy year for you?  It has been hectic for me for sure. In addition to researching and writing this blog, I am also managing two Etsy stores.

One thing I haven't had time for is creating my own tutorials. You may have noticed a slowdown in that department? A considerable backlog has grown. My brain is still generating many ideas! 

So it is time for me to cut back on my blogging schedule from weekdays to 4 days a week from Mondays to Thursdays. I will start with 4 days a week and see if I need to drop to 3 days a week. Not to worry, there are over 6500 posts from nearly 17 years of writing that you can still search for, learn and be inspired from!

Blog Poll : What Do YOU Want to See on the Beading Gem?

I enjoy writing this blog and often incorporate all my interests - jewelry making, crafts, science and technology, history even musical theatre! I am hoping you enjoy reading the posts too!

Most readers never comment so I depend on my blog stats to guide me on what people actually like but that is not a sure thing. I rarely ask directly but I hope you can help me out in this poll to let me know what your favorite kinds of blog posts are. You can tick off as many categories as you like and even offer some suggestions in the "other" part for the future. Youwill have to add a comment to let me know what you suggest!

Many thanks to all of you who made this blog what it is today!  Your support is what keeps me going. 

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