Somewhere in a rural barn workshop in Canby, Oregon, a couple work together to turn leather into gorgeous, colorful leather jewelry and accessories for LotusLeatherStudio . 

Over  a decade ago, Kayla stumbled upon some antique leather working tools in a rustic thrift store. Fascinated and determined, she began learning the craft in her family's farmhouse. Her passion for leather working grew along with her skills. Custom orders began to pour in.

Her husband Derik, suffered a life-altering injury. He then made a career change, upgraded his skills for digital media and airbrushing techniques. Both plunged into a full time artistic career together. 

Their leather designs involved a great deal of work and time. Once a design has been finalized, the first step is carving. Kayla uses a swivel knife which requires a steady and strong hand. Other tools allow her to sculpt and texture the leather. Derik then dyes or paints the leather before sealing the colors in. The artistic leather layer is then backed with a liner leather for durability before Kayla pieces the work together. Most edges are then burnished and dyed to match the main piece.

The couple specialize in custom work. As you can see from their exquisite workmanship, it's no wonder that their work is in demand. 

Lotus Leather Studio's Leather Conditioner

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