Ethiopian Rainbow Opal 

Gemstone lovers will certainly appreciate another look at the scrumptious gemstones from Shelly and Cait, the two suppliers from CanadianCreek. In my previous feature, I shared their gemstone investment story.  

Their business is all about sourcing great gemstones from all over the world at reasonable prices. So if you are after some gemstones for a custom piece to be made, then browse away. There is a range of gemstone shapes, not just the typical ovals and rounds, as well as faceting. Some of the gemstones are cabochons. Others are brilliant cut. 

Remember to read each item listing as they are thorough in describing the gemstone properties such as the carat weight, clarity and if they have been heat treated (to enhance the color).  The mystic quartz gemstone below, for example has had a special coating . Also take note of the actual sizes of the gemstones as some are small. 

Cabochons are popular at this time of year as they can be used in wire wrapping, in bezel settings and even as inlays in leather work. They've noticed an increase in demand for lapis lazuli. Blue zircon as well as blue and green sapphires are also popular. Moldavite and tanzanite have spiked in prices recently, most likely due to their scarcity. 

Cait and Shelly are generously offering a 20% discount for readers just for this year. Use the code WELCOME2023.

Cait told me :
We have also introduced Free Regular Shipping worldwide to support individuals and their passions during a time period where we see generalized price inflation in various countries around the world.
 I also love their new gemstone collector's gift boxes!

Mystic Quartz (Coated)

Iolite Bloodshot sunstone


Moss Agate

Rare Scapolite

Pink Tourmaline

Brilliant cut Brazilian citrine

Blue aquamarine

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