This wire ring tutorial is amazingly quick to do.  The designer is one of my favorite wire work instructors on Youtube, the Vietnam based, Lan Anh Handmade

The point of the faceted gemstone sits right in the middle where the two wire ends begin the spiraling. The "prongs" are not conventional ones. I actually prefer her wire bends which act as prongs as they compliment the gemstone's round shape by bracketing on either side.  Not so easy to catch these prongs and get them loose. The contemporary look is lovely. 

This streamlined tutorial is a makeover of an earlier one.  I personally don't like finishing the wire ends around the bottom of the ring band.  Some may find it uncomfortable to wear. An alternative is to finish the wrapping of wire ends on either side of the gemstone.  Another solution is to do some soldering - see this past metal work feature tutorial on a similar looking ring. 

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In general, thicker wire will look better and it will be stronger too.  Bigger gemstones would be easier too - perhaps 8- 10 mm ones.  These gorgeous 8 mm faceted amethyst gemstones don't break the bank either. They are available from CanadianCreek

If you are really, really on a budget, consider cubic zirconia (not zircon which is actually a gemstone). These are man made crystals. Although they are best known as good diamond simulants, they do come in a wide range of other colors. Shown here are some of the colors of CZ offered by DivineOrnaments. These crystals come in different sizes up to 8 mm. 

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