Dove of Peace : Vatican 100 Lira Coin (minted 1970-1977) Pendant Necklace

I have come across some amazing coin jewelry before. However, Coin Jewelry is way up there for great workmanship and the creation of gorgeous hand cut coins from around the world. It is one of, if not, the most extensive coin pendant necklace collections I have ever seen. 

Coin Jewelry was started by Michael Vincent way back in 1975 in Key Largo, Florida.  He said :
I started out working at a picnic table in a campground, and what I thought would be a nice hobby has turned into my life’s work. 

Today, Michael and two other artisans work on their creations from Massachusetts. All their hand cut coins - many of which are vintage and collector's items - go through a high quality plating with 14K gold and rhodium finish. 

As you wander through his store, you can see his love for beautiful coin designs and those "with ethnic appeal from faraway places."  It's like traveling the world through coins!

Tulips : Turkiye (Turkey) coin (minted 2002) pendant necklace

Humpback Whale : Canadian 50 cents coin (minted 1998) pendant necklace

Conch Shell : Bahamas one dollar coin (minted 1996-1992) coin pendant necklace

Unicorn : Chinese coin (minted 1994) pendant necklace

German Eagle : German coin (minted 1864-1871) pendant necklace

Bald Eagle : American half dollar coin (minted 1917-1947) pendant necklace

Viking Ship : Isle of Man, UK, minted 1976-79) coin pendant necklace

Koyo Birds and Japanese Chrysanthemum Seal : Japanese 50 sen coin (minted 1922-1938) pendant necklace

Lion's Head : Ethiopian coin (minted 1977) pendant necklace

Sun : Argentinan 5 peso coin (minted 1976-1977) pendant necklace

Giraffes : Tanzanian coin pendant necklace

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