My jaw dropped when I spotted this exquisite miniature beaded peacock dress tutorial. What a beauty! It is by a very talented West Virginian beadwork artist called Moon who has many unique creations in Moontique. I have featured her work a number of times before

This miniature dress stands almost 5 inches tall and is about 2.5 inches wide without the stand. The design was inspired by 1950's fashion for cinched waists and flared skirts. The stitches used include circular peyote, herringbone and St Petersburg stitch - all used to great effect. The attention to detail is amazing - especially the peacock feathers. 

There is another Peacock Dress, a famous one which dates back to 1903. This magnificent gold and silver thread embroidered gown was created for and worn by Lady Curzon, the Vicereine of India for the celebration of the coronation of King Edward VII. India at the time was a British colony, the "jewel in the British crown". 

Lady Curzon was the American heiress, Mary Leiter, who fell in love with, and married Lord Curzon. He became the Viceroy of India (the representative of the British monarch) from 1899 to 1905.  Theirs was a loving marriage, tragically cut short by her untimely death at the age of only 36. It was his greatest personal loss.  Read my past post about this lovely woman - The Vicereine's Jewels

A recent attempt at remaking the Peacock Dress by Cathy Hay, a historical costume maker, sparked another post - The Remaking of the Peacock Dress - Uncovering a Dark History where the tragic consequences of colonialism and slavery is covered.  We can't change history but knowing the full story helps us understand our world and its people today.

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