Many people find comfort in wearing the rings of departed loved ones.  If the rings don't fit their own fingers, then one easy way is to just put it on a chain necklace. 

However, there is another way. This great idea, a simple knotted cord necklace tutorial, comes from Karen Hui.  Please click on the link to be taken to Youtube to see it as I cannot embed it here. 

What she does is to use the ring as the frame. She integrates beads with the ring with some knots for a simple yet appealing design.  She also points out that you can also use gemstone rings in the same manner.

Also note her clever way of stretching the cord end (this will work for synthetic cords) so it becomes thinner for threading through the beads. 

The necklace is finished with an adjustable macrame work but you can always use metal cord ends and clasps etc if you prefer. 

Check out more of Karen's tutorials on her Youtube and her finished work and supplies on DIYNotions

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