Simple round gemstone beaded cord bracelets with adjustable closures are really popular. Easy to make,too. The round beads are usually just strung on.

A pretty alternative is to introduce knots in between just like for pearls. Check out this easy tutorial on how to make those knots. The Youtube instructor is Chinese designer,  KarenHuiCrystals, who has generously shared how she makes her favorite kind of bracelets. 

I really like how she holds open the two cords and just wraps the beads around twice - watch carefully where she feeds the beads through.  Much, much easier than this previous technique I wrote about

As you can see, she uses a doubled length of cord through the beads.  She used 0.8 mm braided cord for the 10 mm tiger eye gemstone beads (available through her Etsy, DIYNotions). A large eye collapsible beading needle or a doubled up length of thin wire is used instead of regular beading needles.

Some experimenting will be necessary because bead holes vary. If 0.8 mm cord does not work, try 0.5 mm braided cord. 

Karen has come a long way since she started her passion for such bracelets when she was 18. This hobby later became a small business back in 2012, when she became divorced with an infant son to support. 

Karen and her team also sells a lot of finished gemstone bracelets like this black onyx with sterling silver cross on DIYNotions

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