I've covered pearl knotting over the years (see links below).  Some of the tutorials use tools. Others were demos and pro tips which use the overhand knotting of pre-strung pearls.  But I recently came across an excellent tutorial from Bead Spider UK which is easy for the non -professional pearl knotters like you and me!

The pearls are pre-strung but the method is slower than the overhand knotting method. However, the knots can be precisely placed without difficulty.  The use of a double strand of thread makes for a more durable necklace.

The instructor uses French wire and shows how she can neatly position it on the clasp ends. French wire can easily be distorted so you do have to be careful when handling it. I prefer to use wire and thread protectors or wire guardians. (See this past post for how they are used)

I do indeed have some inherited strands of pearls to restring and I think I will use this method.

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