Sea Dragon Earrings

Malaysian artisan, Swee Cheng Yap, is the creator of gorgeous aquatic creature inspired earrings for TinyImaginarium. Her designs are really tiny, a fraction of the size of some of the actual ocean life forms which so fascinates her. I can't help but share her fascination - who knew there were so many types of nudibranch (sea snails) including some small adorable ones.

All are so beautifully colored - my favorites include her take on the mola-mola or sunfish and the sea angel earrings. Her deft use of pigments is inspiring!
I thought she must be in the biological or marine sciences, so strong is her passion for sea creatures. Swee Cheng explained :
I do make my own molds for my resin pieces. I always start with sculpting my ideas with polymer clay and then making the molds for resin. I love scuba diving and underwater photography and I like learning about all the critters I see underwater. I am not in the science field but I like geeking out about marine life. 😁
Please do note the delivery times for her creations. It takes 2-5 weeks for delivery.

Blue ribbon eel earrings

Bubble Sea Snail stud earrings

Frog fish stud earrings

Manta ray earrings

Mola mola earrings

Whale Shark earrings

Sea Angel earrings

Leaf Sheep nudibranch

Some Fascinating Ocean Life

The Leaf Sheep nudibranch is really adorable!

The Mola Mola or sunfish are huge fish, one of the largest bony fish in the world living in the warmer waters of every ocean in the world.  They look rather oddly shaped. Despite their size, mola molas are harmless to divers. They sometimes bask on the surface horizontally to get birds to pick off the parasites on their skins.

Sea angels and sea butterflies are sea snails.  

What do you call a group of manta rays, spotted rays or stingrays?  A fever.  Watch this gigantic fever of rays filmed swimming and flying off the west coast of of Mexico. 

There are many types of frogfish. Swee Cheng chose a pretty example. But they are rather strange creatures and ZeFrank can't stop laughing about them!  ZeFrank is a popular Youtube channel where the humorist "educates" us about various creations based on real video footage. 

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