Remember the gorgeous polymer clay and gemstone jewelry collection of FairyGardenGlow which I featured before? This German designer shows how it is more than possible to combine polymer clay with gemstones. You don't need to be a metal or wire artisan.

Check out this interesting 3D polymer clay and raw gemstone tree of life pendant tutorial. The designer (Handmade Art Time)  used small tourmaline chips as well as a raw amethyst piece for her piece. The tutorial shows how you can combine gemstones and polymer clay for a unique design. It doesn't have to be a tree of life either.

She lists all her supplies including bakeable adhesive for oven bake clay in her video description. She also uses chalk pastel to help give the polymer clay depth.  Just one tip - add a little of the same adhesive to the business end of the screw eye pin before inserting into the design and before baking.

See the first link below for other polymer clay and gemstone combo inspirations.

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