Michael of MichaelTatom lives in New Mexico. He has been a fine jeweler for nearly four decades.  He is also a marvelous sculptor. All his precious metal lost wax cast designs both jewelry and small sculptures were first created in wax.  You can see his process for his distinctive carving style here

He has a wonderful gift for capturing animals in motion as you can see from the rearing horse pendant above and the running coyote and the parrot in flight designs shown below. 

This animal lover explained :
For most of my 35 year career as a jeweler I have concentrated on gold designs with large colored stones and diamonds but recently I have let my bronze sculpture designs influence my jewelry. simplicity and flowing lines combined with high quality gemstones for accents make these pieces unique. All my jewelry is available in gold as well as the bronze and silver. Just ask for a quote. And do you have a favorite animal you would like to see made into a ring or pendant? Let me know.
Michael is up for any challenge and the animal design will bear his uniquely beautiful style!

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