Washington based Kristen Weber, the bead artist behind PacificNorthWeber sure loves birds! She is also clearly an animal lover. 

I stumbled on her wonderful hummingbird pattern and then marveled at her red macaw parrot!  She also has other birds like the eagle, owl and penguin. They make great ornaments and in some cases, key chain charms.  

Her elk tutorial makes me think Kristen will make more animal tutorials in the future. Note that she sells both tutorials with and without kits. 

Kristen told me :
I started beading when I was young just for fun. However, I picked it back up after traveling to Guatemala a few years ago. I was inspired by their beautiful colors and techniques with beading.
That certainly shows in her colorful bird designs!

Did you know hummingbirds can only be found in the Americas?  I saw my first one out of the corner of my eye, when I was hiking in the woods, not long after I arrived in Canada.  At first, I thought it was a large beetle like a cicada but it was not flying like a beetle!  That was when I realised what it might be. 

These world's smallest birds are remarkable in so many ways - they are the only birds which can fly backwards and upside down. Their wing beat and heart rates are phenomenally fast.  Watch this video to learn more. If you see a hummingbird hanging upside down seemingly asleep, do not be alarmed.  They are in a state of torpor, a deep sleep state which prevents their energy reserves from falling too low.  When they revive, which can take some 20 minutes or more, they will then begin to feed voraciously.

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