Italy based Mary of MaryEllaCreations is an accomplished artist who has a soft touch 
for feathered creatures. Her amazing bird wood art shows off her artistic skills. She works with watercolor pencils and acrylics. 

You could say her signature designs are her articulated wing and tail pendant necklaces like the scarlet macaw one above and the red tailed hawk design below.

I've also included her art prints and home decor items to demonstrate her talent and passion for birds.

Mary says :
I'm a wood crafter since 2013. I have been drawing since I can remember. Wood reflects the quality I search in every piece: soft to be modeled and hard to resist time. Birds and animals are my personal therapy, and plus, they are cute and beautiful.

Blue Jay pendant necklaces

Magpie wood brooch

Owl Wood Pendants

Blue and teal Hawk wood pendant necklace

Blue Jay wing earrings

House Sparrow Wood Wall Relief Art

Indian Ringneck Christmas Ornament

Scarlet Macaw Wall Art

Sun Conure Art Print -  Watercolor pencils and Acrylics

Moluccan Cockatoo Art Print - Watercolor pencils and Acrylics

It's not hard to see why Mary loves birds. They are lovely, clever creatures.  Some respond to music like many other animals.  If you haven't already seen this, watch this cockatoo at a bird rescue dance to Queen's Another One Bites the Dust.  


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