One very hot jewelry trend on social media such as TikTok has been for permanent (or sometimes infinity) jewelry. This are typically bracelets (most popular), anklets and rings which have no clasps. They are custom fitted and then welded - not soldered - while the person is wearing it. 

The motivation is usually for personal bonding like similar jewelry for best friends, mother and daughter, couples, sisters and so on. The "permanence" means the wearer need not take the jewelry off although they could remove it by cutting the fine chain with a pair of scissors.

The trend has prompted a small business boom for providing the welding services either at established jewelry shops or by pop-up crafters looking to make a little money. 

Watch this video by Stuller Inc where their 3 staffers, Susie Gottardi, Kristen Ber and Chris Leonard, go quickly over the materials and tools typically used for welding permanent jewelry.  The most expensive part is the welder itself. The Orion Pulse is a good make with different models at different price points. Other than that, smaller items besides the chains and charms, include protective glasses for both the welder and customer, measuring tools, tweezers and so on. Small business owners will also need to consider liability insurance.

This video from Pepetools better covers the welding process :

There are pros and cons of permanent jewelry. Having a claspless and fitted chain is convenient as you don't have to struggle to put it on or take it off as is often the case with bracelets. You are less likely to lose it too.  Obviously, solid precious metals rather than the plated kinds will be more durable and the price points should reflect that.  Cheap metals will not survive the chlorine in pools for long.

On the downside, permanent jewelry is not for those who like to frequently change their jewelry. As mentioned in the above video, the chains must be of the delicate kind as they should break if the wearer catches the jewelry on something. People who work with machines or in situations where the chains can get caught should not be wearing permanent jewelry.

Also consider that metal detectors at airports will pick up too much metal and the wearer may be forced to cut the chain to take it off.  People who have to undergo certain medical diagnostic procedures like MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) cannot have permanent jewelry on. This type of equipment uses powerful magnets which can pull on any jewelry including piercings. So all jewelry have to be removed. 

Personally, I would just stick with clasps.  What about you?

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