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Needle Felted Jewelry Tutorials

Like organic type jewelry?  How about trying needle felting? It's fun to do and like many a craft such as knitting, beading, crochet and so on, the repetitive motion is soothing as well. I dare say the stabbing action also relieves stress. The crafter's way of anger management? Haha. 

This craft uses wool roving which now comes pre-dyed in many lovely colors. Felting needles are the implements required. These are barbed at the ends so be careful to avoid poking fingers!

I really like the easy needle felted earrings tutorial  shown above by Canadian crafter, Danielle of Dano Does Things (youtube). You can certainly go on to embellish the basic felted earrings with thread or bead embroidery, sew on sequins and so on.  

This instructor really believes in "Learn. Have Fun. Be Creative" and has a fun sense of humor.  I  chuckled when I went to her website, scrolled down and stumbled on the "testimonies" she shared. 

Robin Clay for Source Point shares a sneak peak for a class she teaches for this felted zipper brooch tutorial. The zipper forms a frame for the felted portion. She does not use a cookie cutter but the open lid of a mason jar.  

The originator of the zipper felted brooch technique is Canadian Odile Gova of Woolly Fabulous (she has a tutorial in her Etsy shop).

This beginner felted pendant tutorial shows how you can do a little "painting" with felt. I like how the oval felted piece is framed by a filigree. The instructor is Ashley of Prissy Hobbit (Youtube) .  She also has an art journal shop,  Darling Cottage Diary. Her Tiny Bird Treasure does not exist anymore. 

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  1. Needle felting is fun. I took up spinning last year and am doing some needle felting to use up excess wool I bought. I made silly monsters to decorate my desk, though.

  2. It's been over 40 years since I owned my wool store Pearl but back then I sold fleeces and taught spinning and felting and creating felted painted pictures (without a needle) using the dyed rovings was something I used to teach. It's a ton of fun and the results were always exciting.
    Using rovings and fleece with filigrees is a wonderful idea! I think I'll have to dig out my fleece and brightly coloured rovings and give it a try.

  3. Why have I never heard of this craft!? and the overwhelming options on Etsy for "felting needles"?! thank you for sharing, Pearl.


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