People who like to cosplay or dress up can really bling it out with the fantasy inspired lovely wire wrapped designs by Kate Sears of TheImpliedLine. She lives in New York State.

She specializes in lovely ear cuffs which come in different colors and are adorned with beads and other metal elements such as wings and chains.  They come in pairs and are adjustable to fit any ear. My favorites were her designs which come in different color combinations. These lightweight creations will rock the next party night out or at a cosplay event!

Kate not only makes ear cuffs but she also creates elven princess circlets as well as resin and wire witchy broom pendant!  Some of her larger items includes fairy wings and antler head dresses!  She has quite the imagination. 

She explained :
Growing up in a crafty family gave me a love of making. My father, a wood worker and maker of rustic furniture, always encouraged me to build my ideas. My mother, the pen and ink artist, infused me with a lifelong love of fine paper and the best pens. But my story into the world of craft never would have been if I didn't have the craftiest grandmother on the planet! I have many fond memories of flipping through craft magazines and instruction books with Gram. (Her collection would put most major libraries to shame, not to mention the woman is a knitting goddess!) To be honest, we spent as much time picking out new crafts to try as we spent making. 

Fast forward to college... I find myself with a degree in Industrial Design for FX makeup and product design, yet my love of crafting continues. With the joining of my product design knowledge and my love of craft, The Implied Line was born!

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