Musical jewelry is always popular because many of us love music. There are also  musicians and last but not least, the people who teach this skill. So I was delighted when I came across the laser cut earrings designs by Kelly Parrish of RhythimicallyYours

Kelly not only makes these wonderful laser cut earrings from either wood or acrylic, she also offers a lot of other products geared for the music classroom.  These include really fun earrings such as the ukelele earrings shown above which were my favorite. Even small children will recognise the triangle instrument depicted in one of her designs.

Other items include musically inspired stickers, games, keychains, music room signs, decals and so forth to inspire not just the students but also the teachers. 

Kelly explained :
I'm an elementary Kodaly educator teaching in a K-5 music classroom while also pursuing some of my other dreams (such as opening an Etsy store!). Teaching music and helping others teach music is a passion of mine. I also love to craft, sew and play around in Photoshop so combining these talents led me to opening my Etsy shop, Rhythmically Yours.
It's a wonderful niche to be in especially since she is an experienced music teacher. Her shop certainly strikes the right note!

Tuning Fork earrings

Lucy's Amazing Story

Lucy is a 13 year old  neurodivergent girl who is also completely blind. She comes from West Yorkshire in the UK.  She is also a musical prodigy. 

Her story is remarkable and shows how important it is to have very supportive parents and a talented teacher who can help her reach her musical potential. 

Her mother Candice, tells of Lucy's difficult beginnings in this video. Concert pianist, Yang Yang is flabbergasted at Lucy's extraordinary talent as she is seen playing Chopin at Leeds' train station. Her beautiful rendition moves some to tears. 

The Amber Trust : Lucy's Story

Just how does one teach a blind child with severe autism to play the piano?  The dedication, patience and resourcefulness of Lucy's teacher, Daniel Bath is incredible. This video shows how he works with Lucy. 

Lucy astounds the audience at the Royal Festival Hall  (The Piano competition) not too long ago with a beautiful Debussy piece. 

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