First of all, a warm welcome to all my new readers! I don't say that as often as I should but I am deeply grateful to all my readers not just the latest subscribers but long-standing followers too. 

As some of you know, I have been writing this blog for over 17 years. There are now 6,500+  posts full of tips, tutorials and inspirations. That's a lot to search through for some of the popular topics! 

So in addition to brand new video tutorials, I am now introducing what I call my "Blast from the Past" series. I am slowly converting the most popular of my own blog tutorials for my Youtube channel. Please consider subscribing there to get advance notifications of new ones. 

Want to get into jewelry featuring hand embroidery?  Check out my "re-animated" tutorial on how to make minimalist bead embroidered jewelry. It was a past collaboration with Nunn Design. They are a wholesaler but you can get retail quantities from other vendors. I have listed all the supplies in the video description box. 

It's a simplified method of bead embroidery rather than the traditional style where beads cover the entire fabric. I hope this sparks your creativity and gets you crafting!

Before You Go:

jewelry making supplies


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