Snow is a fact of life living as I do in Canada. It is really pretty to look out when I am snug and warm indoors! I've featured many a beaded snowflake jewelry tutorial before (see links below). Here are more and smaller ones at that.  Change the colors if you aren't into white!

One of the most daintiest designs I've spotted is Diana Balogh's (DiasJewelryShop) lovely stud snowflake pattern shown above. The studs look lovely done in translucent white beads. The design can also be converted into drops by adding delicate chains - see the listing photo.

This beaded snowflake pattern set by Marina of MyBeadsJewelry has them in 3 sizes, all of which are still tiny!  You can use as pendants, earrings, ornaments and in other ways as well. Maybe add them on the front of a greeting card or use them in packaged gifts?  

 I love how Adina of AdivaJewels uses her design for small snowflakes and links them  for really pretty bracelets. 

I love the unique 3D aspect of this pretty pair of snowflake earrings by Zina of HoneyBeads1Official. She still kept the design on the small side. Zina designs quite a few snowflake patterns so do check out her collection.

Last but not least is this pretty icicle earrings pattern by Cara and Lane of SimpleBeadPatterns

How Snow is Removed from Canadian Roads

Canada is a vast country, some places get way more snow than others. Whatever the amount, snow is a fact of life living in the north. See this Bored Panda post which shows how cold some parts of Canada got this winter!

So snow has to be removed, efficiently and quickly. Rarely does a snowfall interrupt life here unless it's a severe blizzard or a lot of snow falls in a short period of time. 

Watch how the city of Montreal, Quebec, which typically gets a lot of it, clears and removes snow around the clock. This is an impressive logistical effort - arguably one of the best in the world. It's teamwork with several specialized equipment and trucks, coordinating it with the city's population. Every Canadian city has snow dumps in many places - even our local mall has a pile on one side of the parking lot after a snowfall. The ones in Montreal are gigantic! In Halifax, on the East Coast, where I used to live, the snow is dumped into the harbor.

Then there are snow plough convoys on highways which get a lot of snow. This one is near Ottawa.

Snow on the railway line (in New Brunswick)?  No problem!

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