There is a Pokemon character which is based on a real life creature, the axolotl. It's a strange salamander which never grows up. Instead of going through metamorphosis and becoming a land based salamander, the axolotl retains its larval characteristics including its distinctive frilly gills and remains an aquatic creature. It can reproduce in this form. 

Its endearing appearance have made axolotl jewelry popular! Shown here are some of the cool jewelry inspired by these strange looking animals! It's always inspiring to see the different styles and techniques as well as the creativity of designers who give their own takes on a common theme. 

First up  are the amazing acrylic axolotl stud earrings shown above. Just gorgeous colors. These are by Mary Gold of ForLikeEva

These clever glow in the dark axolotl earrings are adapted stud earrings. These were 3D printed with uv resin by Alice of OrangeYewCurios

As Mark, the designer behind marmar says, this tiny sterling silver charm necklace is perfect for your axolotl obsessed friend!

These tiny axolotl stud earrings are made from laser cut wood. The designer is PeachyApricot.

Such a kawaii pair of laser cut acrylic axolotl earrings! The designer is MomentidiVita.  

The Salamander Which Never Grows Up

The axolotl is native to the waterways just around Mexico city. Unfortunately, it is nearly extinct in the wild due to the disappearance of its habitat,water pollution and presence of invasive species such as the carp and tilapia. But the species thrives in captivity. 

Axolotls are extensively studied because of their regenerative abilities. They can regrow their limbs, gills and even parts of their eyes and brains.

Their name comes from the Aztec deity, Xolotl, the god of fire and lightning who changed into an axolotl to escape from being sacrificed by fellow gods. The word also means monster in the Nahualti (Aztec)  language. 

We often pronounce axolotl as  "axerlotel". In the original Nahualti, the x has a "sh" sound and the l at the end is practically silent as demonstrated in this short clip

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