It's not always possible or desirable to change a keepsake ring into one which you can wear yourself. The easy solution is to wear a keepsake ring necklace. You can quickly add or remove the ring without undoing the necklace chain. Such necklaces typically sport open frames which stops the gemstone portion of rings from hitting solid metal.

These necklaces can also be used to temporarily hold your engagement or other rings safe while you are doing tasks which require rings be removed for safety reasons or simply to keep them clean. Another reason is swollen fingers - just ask any pregnant woman!An acquaintance I knew lost her heirloom rings when she had taken them off and placed them on the sink in a workplace bathoom and forgot about them. By the time she remembered and returned to the washroom, the rings were gone! If only she had a ring holder necklace!

Shown above is the lovely textured silver keepsake ring holder necklace by EftelySilver. Yucel, the Turkish designer makes other stunning designs. The other alternative to open frames is the pendant "lock" design where you can open up the main pendant ring to slip on the keepsake one. Below is an example from Yucel which has the trendy paper clip chain :

Ibrahim, the New Jersey designer of  MuurDesign, has many designs which appear to be made by artisans in Turkiye (Turkey). He offers them in sterling silver or gold plate. The design below is his mountain version  :

Some designers like DesignerNameJewelry offer personalization along with a lovely look like this floral necklace below. The elongated teardrop shape allows the keepsake ring to sit high up on the pendant.

This highly original cat version in sterling silver is delightful. The California based designer is Ali of AliCArt offers other designs in solid silver or gold. 

The photo projection personalized keepsake ring holder from Perimade is unusual.  You can view the photo by holding it up close to your eye or using your smartphone camera - the listing gives the instructions.

Making Your Own

Remember the keepsake ring cord necklace tutorial from a while back? Here is another simple and easy alternative to make your own. This wire tutorial by Becky Stern over on Instructables goes over the wire work process.

Before You Go:

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