There is much more to 4 hole connectors then just using them with beads in between for bracelets. They are dazzling focals for those who don't have the time (who, me?) or cannot bead intricate pieces. The crystal embellished ones really make the designs pop. 

Why not use them as the centerpieces for tassel earrings? If you have a large stash of embroidery floss like I have, this new tutorial of mine is another idea to use it up. 

I have several sets in my shop - most are vintage i.e. over 20 years old - while quantities last. You can also use 2 hole gemstone or metal beads but you will have to wire a little differently. Instead of twisting the two wire ends behind the metal connectors as I demonstrate in my video in my Youtube channel,  you will have to make a wrapped loop at the top for the ear wire.

The tip about using the floss paper sleeve to help cut the threads evenly came from several other crafters on Youtube.  I opted to use Fireline for wrapping the tassels. Another tip for beaders in general is not to use regular scissors for cutting this fishing braid line - you'll never get clean cuts. So use scissors specifically designed for it

You can also use the tassel instructions for other designs.  See the links below for other great tassel earrings ideas.

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