It's easy to figure why baguette gemstone and crystal cuts are called that. We know the tasty French bread, baguette which comes from the French for the bar, la bague and baguette, the stick. 

As a diamond cut, the baguette is not as brilliant as the brilliant cut where the light really bounces around the gemstone. But it doesn't mean it is any less attractive. The baguette shape reminds us of Art Deco!

Here are some unusual beadwork tutorials which use baguette crystals - note that the crystals can come singularly, with or without a frame setting and in chains. See the supplies section below. 

First up is the beaded ring tutorial  (shown above) which features just a single baguette crystal. The designer is Szabóné Csiby Hajnalka of Tiszi.

Below is the bracelet tutorial which has the baguettes nestled among superkheops and par puca beads. The designer is Zsuzsanna Szilagyi of biZSUterie.  I have featured her designs a number of times before.

This marquise shaped ring also features just a single frame set baguette ring. The designer is Ella of Ellad2. I have featured Ella's work before here

Zsuzsanna Veres of beadsbyvezsuzsi created this adorable dashchund dog pendant using a baguette crystal. She is another talented beadwork designer whose work I have featured a number of times before. 

Gianna of beading4perfectionists has a lovely baguette bracelet tutorial. There is a slight problem in that I can no longer locate supplies of the baguette chain she uses. Still, perhaps you can figure something out with framed baguette crystals which are not in a chain. 


These genuine Swarovski sew on frame set baguettes are a destash item from Judy of DestashJewelryCrafts

This kind of baguette rhinestone chains are readily available from such shops as CaTriHaSupplies. 

You can also get unframed baguette crystals such as these from Lillian of BeadsFun

Non-beaders might like to have baguette crystal charms such as these Primero ones from Crytalidea

Also very pretty are these Swarovski baguette drops from Mark and Krysia of jewelcraftfinds

There are also open back or frame metal findings for loose baguettes such as those shown below. Check out the possibilities fromCrytalidea

Want the real thing? These natural welo ethiopian opal baguettes are gorgeous. They are available from ShivangGems.

Tourmalines are some of my favorite gemstones because they come in so many different colors. These baguette tourmalines are from ELLEJEWELIN

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