Graphic artists turn designers when they create enamel pins and such like with their designs. Some of them like theGorgonist also make acrylic charms which are excellent as cartoon style pendants and keychains.  I featured Robin's work before, here.

Designers like Robin use printing services like InkItLabs and StickerMule for creating acrylic charms (and more) from their artwork. But the minimum order is typically 50 pieces. That's a lot if you don't know if a particular design is going to sell. 

Artist and Youtuber, Amy Made, has the low cost solution!  Her tutorial shows how you can use stickers and shrink plastic to get that acrylic charm look. She shares her tips and tricks and the products she uses. The list of materials is in the video description. It's clever and the end product looks professional. 

Amy does make that point that if you are thinking of selling finished pieces, make sure that the designs you use are not copyright or you have obtained a licence. 

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