Some might find it very strange to see anatomically inspired jewelry. Why body parts and organs?  There are a variety of reasons which we will explore in this homage to some very creative people!

Heart inspired jewelry is probably one of the largest categories.  This is very likely due to the romantic connections as in "my heart beats for you".  Or these jewelry designs are meant for people in the medical and scientific professions. 

The gorgeous art pair of gold acrylic statement earrings shown above and below in detail was designed by German designer, Mary Gold for ForLikeEva.

Canadian designer, Brian of ScienceSanctuary has a cool lung brooch in stainless steel. Ideal for medical students, respiratory technologists and those in need of lung transplants or have received a donation.  He designs educational products for teachers and students of anatomy.

Airpods and their cousins are very handy as there are no cables but they do have an annoying habit of falling out of our ears. So Florida based Faith of SJewelryMiami has these clever hand shaped stud earrings to hold on to the airpods!

Despite what you see online about all kinds of ways to detox our bodies, we really don't need those as organs such as our kidneys and liver already do that job of removing toxins.  Shown below are the fun acrylic kidney earrings by Minnesota based Elaina of SpookyDoodleClub. 

The operational center for our bodies is our brain and the communication links are the neurons or nerve cells which sends messages to all parts of our body so we can function.  These beautifully made upcycled neuron and brain earrings are made using cereal box cardboard as the foundation. The designers are husband and wife team, Mary and Kevin Abbot of JabeboStudio.  

This fun skeleton ear cuff with a stud is perfect for Halloween. The designer is Californian, Ella of GothicOrbJewelry.

These beautiful bead embroidered 18th century inspired Lover's eye brooches are by EmbroideryBroochesLV. There was a fad back in that era to just have miniatures painted of your love's eyes especially if you want to keep that love secret. 

Minnesotan, Britt Jackson of BrittTheWrapper has an amazing wire wrapped uterus pendant . She is actually a full time midwife in addition to being a wire artist, so this subject is close to her heart. A great gift idea for a midwife, doula, feminists, mothers and so on. 

The Habsburg Jaw

The House of Habsburg or House of Austria was one of the most important dynasties in European history. They ruled for centuries, from about the 13th - 19th centuries over vast areas of Europe. 

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The family is also known for another trait - the Habsburg jaw or chin.  Some members had  prominent jaws, long noses and puffy lower lips. The mandibular prognathism was most likely a recessive genetic trait which became their physical hallmark due to high degrees of inbreeding.  

Cousins married cousins, uncles married nieces and so on, All to maintain "blood purity" and keep wealth and political power within the family.  As the children were products of parents from the same genetic pools, the chances of recessive traits becoming conspicuous rose. Such consanguineous marriages went on for centuries

Marie Antoinette (1755-1793)was part of the Austrian Habsburgs. Her protruding lower lip simply gave her a perpetual pout. 

Marie Antoinette

The Spanish ruling family was the most affected branch of the Habsburgs. Carlos (Charles) II of Spain (1661-1700) was the last Habsburg ruler there.  His father, Philip IV of Spain married his niece. That made his mother, his cousin as well.  He was born with several physical disabilities and had the most prominent Habsburg jaw on record. He swallowed his food whole because he couldn't chew his food as his upper and lower teeth did not meet. He had an enlarged tongue and also struggled to talk. 

Carlos II of Spain

Carlos/Charles II was also known as "El Hechizado" or "The Bewitched" due to his epilepsy and many illnesses throughout his life. He died at age 38. Although he was married twice, there were no children. He was likely unable to father any. The Spanish Habsburg line died with him and this led to the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714)

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