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Emerald Green and Copper Bracelet - What colors go with copper

Some people may be wondering what sort of colors go well with copper. Here is a great example - emerald green. Elaine put together copper framed emerald green window beads and ordinary glass beads together with solid copper beads for this eye-catching bracelet design.

Other colors to consider are royal and navy blue. Maroon and ruby reds will also work. You can match many colors with copper but the ones which really pop are the strong colors. Think jewel tones and you won't go wrong.

Beader Design #529

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  1. Oh I LOVE green and the cooper pairs nicely with it!

  2. Simple but effective...I gravitate towards simple for what I wear. I've never been a fan of green but I've found in the last few years that nice deep dark rich green has grown on me!
    In this piece the copper sets it off nicely...

  3. I love green and copper together. I use green and silver more because that is what I always have on hand.

  4. It's a lovely bracelet! I made a necklace with what's it called - volcano quartz ( ? ) and copper and it was really pretty!


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