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Got All Your Marbles? Interchangeable Marble Jewelry

Tuscon based Got All Your Marbles makes the coolest rings, pendants and earrings ever! The jewelry comes with sets of marbles which you can pop out for another whenever you feel like a change. You can thus customize the focal to match your clothes or your mood. Individual round gemstones are also available. What a neat idea!

The Tuscon, Arizona based artisans behind Got All Your Marbles are a husband and wife team - William Skiles and Lisa Stoska. They began their interchangeable marble jewelry business because they wanted to work for themselves, not someone else.

William is the jewelry smith who not only figured out the way the marbles are held but has even patented the tension mechanism. He hand fabricates each original design from sterling silver wire/sheet. Once that is accomplished, he then artfully makes a silicon mold from which the sterling or gold pieces are produced through the lost wax process. They now offer a series of designs as well as different marble or gemstone bead sizes ranging from 10 -25 mm.

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  1. I love marbles! Used to play with them alot as a kid, although I think they look quite fabulous in jewelry as well!

  2. What a cool idea. Marbles are such fun

  3. Very cool! I love interchangeable jewelry!

  4. Oh dear, I might need to have taht pendant... :)

    Always a joy to read your blog, but could get me in trouble too! You find the greatest things to showcase!!

  5. Well, I am already in trouble with Debbie (my friend and co-instructor)'s husband for other jewelry suggestions! ;-)

  6. Great idea...I too like interchangeable jewelry, I've made myself a pair of circle earrings and I made 6 or 7 different stone dangles to interchange.


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