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Double Holed Inspirations Part 1 of 2
Button rings are really fun to do - I can get carried away doing a whole bunch of them. There are so many lovely buttons to choose from and that includes your own button stash!Combine a few for some fun, funky looks and coordinate your outfits.

1. Wiring from top down
When you first put the wire through the holes, you can either approach from above or from below. Shown here is how I do it from above.

First cut a length of 20G wire about 8"-10" long. Bend it into two around the tip of your round nose pliers so the wire is like a long U. This makes it easier to insert the wire through the button holes without overly kinking it.

However, you have another option. If you don't like just the wire showing as in the above rings, try using crystal montees to give the rings a classy touch. Montees have four holes so you only need to thread through a diagonal pair.

Thread the wire through the montee and get the latter somewhere near the middle of the wire. Gently bend the wire on either side of the montee and get the ends through the button(s).
Twist the two wire ends together on the underside of the button.

Now wrap the wire around a ring mandrel so that you will have a double wired ring. The ends of the wire should wrap around the bottom of the buttons once before doing the final wraps of the wire ends.

You may have to trim the wire ends so you can wrap them around the ring a few times easily. Do the final trim and make sure the ends don't poke the wearer. If you need a refresher on how to do this basic wire wrapped ring, check out the tutorials on my past post on wire wrapped rings.

Viola! A crystal studded button ring!

2. Wiring from below
Many people prefer to make button rings from below which entails forming the ring first around a mandrel. Juliet from Spoilt Rotten Beads has a tutorial on how to make these beautiful buttons rings this way for what she calls, flower power rings.

If you are not keen on wire wrapping but love the look of funky button rings, try the following how-tos:

Designing Mums wrote a lovely tutorial with pictures of the many rings she made this way using covered button kits available from craft or fabric stores. But if you'd rather see it demonstrated then the Mindbites video will show you how.

A clever tip from Susan Beal on Craft Stylish is the use of ordinary buttons glued to the underside of the button blank forms. These buttons effectively fill the recess which makes gluing the finished fabric button to the ring blank easier. She also had another great tip to use bracelet blanks to make a matching piece. If you need supplies, try places like Etsy.

If you couldn't be bothered with fabric buttons, then glue them on straight onto the ring blank! Peptogirl or Amy Cluck shows you how on her easy button ring tutorial. She also suggests cutting off the shank of those kinds of buttons if you happen to have them.

Other types of ring blanks include perforated discs. Jodie on the Ric-Rac blog has a tutorial to show how buttons can be sewn onto the discs.
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  1. Cool ideas - they don't look very difficult to make. Must try this!


  2. These are absolutly wonderful, great idea! Making rings out of buttons is something I would have never thought of and I agree they don't look difficult to make at all.

  3. Go for it! They definitely aren't difficult to do and what's more, the results are so colorful. Button rings are also inexpensive.

  4. When I was a kid I loved nothing more than pouring my Mom's button bag out on the floor and going through them. When I was an adult my Mom made a button bag for me and included some of my favorite buttons from hers. My daughter has a button bag too - I should try this, make some for her. I think she'd enjoy a few button rings!

  5. Good grief, how can you do this to me at nearly midnight?! I cannot possibly start a new craft this late, dang it. If I could just make a few of these in my sleep....

  6. Anitra- you are so creative that I am positive you do dream up all sorts of designs in your sleep!

  7. What a great use of buttons! Do you know how many buttons I have. Why I keep them, I don't know. But it's just fun I save them. Might have to pull them out...

  8. What a great idea...looks like fun! There are acutally some gorgeous buttons out there that would make wonderful rings!!!

  9. This has been amazingly helpful - thank you so much! I have a huge stash of buttons I have been saving for a special project.. :p Thanks! Mimi P x

  10. These are fun! I made several of them when I was a beginner in wire wrapping! I think I'll go back to make some again. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your one video there is set to private so it's not viewable.

  12. Thanks for letting me know about that video - I just fixed it so it shows!

  13. These do look like fun and easy. I'm off to look through my collection of buttons to see what I've got. :)

  14. I will have to try this because I make all sorts of things with buttons! Thanks for the inspiration :)


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