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At this time of year, my biggest downfall are desserts - creamy, chocolate yummies I cannot resist. Perhaps my mistake is eating them! Wearing these wonderful delicious dessert inspired jewelry will certainly be calorie-free. I've restrained myself to just a wee selection of fabulous designers (and there are a number) otherwise I shall be dipping into my Christmas chocolate box again!

Just Desserts Jewelry by Carolyn Tillie
I've featured San Franscisco based Carolyn Tillie's Bento box jewelry before. But did you know she also has an Etsy store where she sells her Just Desserts, Bento Box and Sushi to go collections? She worked in the food and wine industry for years and also has a Masters in Fine Arts (metals) - both her skills and experience are evident in her playful designs shown above and below.Via

Robin's Jewelry Box
Robin's Jewelry Box on Etsy makes the incredibly realistic polymer clay and acrylic Food Minis dessert jewelry as you can see. Shown on the right is her Dessert Tier necklace with no less than 11 delicious desserts (more are behind the chocolate cake).

This brown sundae design is also from Robin's Jewelry Box. The whipped cream and chopped nuts make me drool.  As with any dessert, she says each serving plate may vary!

Roscata's shop
The artistry of some of the polymer clay people are amazing. Take Roscata's shop on Etsy for example. Her dessert jewelry were hand formed without the use of molds and then polished and glazed. This strawberry short cake with creamy vanilla frosting and the cupcake earrings look good enough to eat!

Tanja Hartmann

German designer, Tanja Hartmann creates her meringue rings (link no longer available)  just as any pastry chef would do. She uses a confectioner's pastry bag filled with silicone, sometimes colored to make her unique jewelry.  Some of her meringue rings shown here are adorned with pearls and colored gemstones. Such feasts for the eyes! Via


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  1. Mmmmm, I've developed a sweet tooth in the last few years!!! These look delicious!

    The trick is to stay away Pearl...if I don't touch even one I can leave them alone, BUT...if I start I have a difficult time stopping...:0)

  2. Stay away? LOL! The only way is not to have them in the house!

  3. Yummy! What fabulous pieces!

    However, I agree with Heather, for me, it's all or nothing! :) After next week, I'm back on the wagon for 10 wks.

  4. I agree! Don't have them in the house, so you can't eat them! And here's another designer (from Austria) making sweets from pc: I just started making things with pc again, so I'm far away from the fantastic skills those designers have. WOW!

  5. Thanks for sharing that designer's work, Dagmar. Looks like we aren't the only ones who love desserts!

  6. Delicious jewelry! Let's check back on this story to find out the # of ladies who ended up in the hospital because they ate their delicious looking jewelry. :-)


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