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Recycling aluminum soda cans for jewelry is a great idea. Don't think so? Then check out my past post on the Bombulu Workshop artisans from Kenya where the combination of wire and soda cans makes really unique jewelry. There is just one problem, you have to be very careful about sharp edges. They have to be filed down.

1. Polwig's tutorial however advocates the use of paper punches. You know, the sort used by scrapbook enthusiasts. The paper punches dulls the edges - although you'll still have to check and file down the odd metal spurs. There is a wide range of shapes including the stars you see in the bracelet above.

2. Life Studio's tutorial takes a different approach. Rolls of metal from soda cans are encased in plastic tubing.These are made as a long length before being cut down to normal bead sizes. The tutorial also includes the instructions for shrinkable plastic style charms made from recyclable plastic #6.

3.Pop tab bracelets, necklaces, collars and leis also eliminate the sharp edge issue. These are very popular with the younger set. The video for pop can tab leis is by Paintmepinkish. Pop can tab leis are sometimes given to high school and college grads using school colors. Colored soda can tabs are pretty nifty if you can get enough of them. If you prefer non-video instructions check out this Instructables tutorial.

A blog reader, Kathy of Wisconsin sent me this inspiring video (no longer available) about how pop can tabs or ring pulls are used to make amazing bags in Salvador, Brazil. The project gives the women a chance to earn a living in an area of high unemployment. Thanks, Kathy!

If you need the tutorial on how to make chain maille "fabric" from pop tabs then check out the how to by quixotiCfluX on Instructables.

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  1. Cool blog. I bought a book recently on making jewelry from pop cans (you reviewed this on the blog). Love this book and the ideas today.

  2. Wow...what a unique way to recycle and have something interesting to show for it! What great imaginations!

    Have a good week Pearl...

  3. What a great post... Thank you so much for the mention. I love that you included so many references to soda can jewerly making, amazing. Personally I love the tube ones :)

  4. Is there an address of where we can send the pop tabs. I would love to send to Kenya for there use. Or anywhere they are wanted. I have a alot saved up for someone or some place.

  5. Mary, try sending a message to the person who uploaded the video -

    Worth asking!

  6. This bags are AWESOME!
    I own a fashion shop and would love to get some of this bags. Can zou tell me where this market is in brasil? I only saw the picture with all this bags but dont know where it is.
    Please HELP!!!!


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