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Amazing Nylon Art Rings by Nora Fok

Ever work with nylon microfilaments? These are as fine as sewing cotton but not easy to control and work with. These threads have a mind of their own!

Foxtail Lily or Desert Candle
Yet British artist, Nora Fok meticulously creates the most amazing hand made nylon art rings (and other jewelry) using techniques such as knotting and knitting.  Shown here are a selection of her Nylon Botanicus collection where the sources of her inspiration are flowers - both the garden and wild varieties.

Nora developed an early interest in the structure of DNA. She said, "I did not then understand the science but found the images beautiful, particularly the spiral movement so full of energy and life."  Her powers of observation and attention to detail are very strong indeed when she observes nature.  As she appreciates science,  she sometimes gives the correct botanical names to her creations. I've used the common names.

If you live anywhere near the Harley Gallery in Welbeck, Nottinghamshire, England, do go see her first solo exhibition, Cloud Nylon: The Jewellery of Nora Fok from January 22 to March 20.

Geum or Avens


Venus Looking Glass, Stamen

Creeping Thistle


Wind Flower
Some of her other pieces from this collection are equally delightful :

Here is a video by the artist herself.

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  1. I'm floored...just amazing pieces! Enjoy your new year!

  2. Isn't she amazing? Have a wonderful new year yourself!

  3. These are definitely both jewelry and works of art! I would never have the patience to do this. She has a wonderful talent. I have no idea where you find the topics for your posts, but your blog is one of my favorites!

  4. I have no idea how she puts her pieces together, but they're pretty breathtaking.

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  6. These designs are truly incredible and are definitely Art. I would be more inclined to place them on display rather than wear them.

    Been having a terrible time with this site today, very slow and even the typing is taking forever, it types a couple of letters then pauses then types a few more letters. Sometimes I type a whole sentence before the first couple of letters appear. Had to delete one comment as there were so many typos...hard to see what I was typing as it was not being displayed, but it was interesting typing blind so-to-speak.
    Not sure just what's going on. This may end up being a duplicate post as the first time I left a comment it seemed to disappear instead of giving me the word verification box. ???

  7. Yes, these are truly inspirational art pieces.

    It could be due to heavy traffic. Sometimes it helps to close the browser and try again.

  8. I love your blog and have put your button on mine

  9. Beautiful work! Where do you find all this?

  10. On the internet, where else? I read a lot of blogs! Pearl


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