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Knotty and Nyce's Awesome Macrame Pendant Jewelry

I checked out Tiffany's Etsy store, cleverly called Knotty and Nyce, after she starting following me on Twitter. I was delighted to see her awesome and inspiring modern macrame work.

Tiffany, who is based in Fort Wayne spends a lot of time studying "vintage macrame texts, modern micro-macrame, Cavandoli knotting, Celtic and Chinese knotting".  Well, her research certainly pays off!

Shown above left is  brown, black and white owl pendant necklace. I also adored her purple and green version below. It's not easy finding great owl jewelry.

Her lovely Blue Wave Hemp Choker features glow in the dark orange beads.

She also used her knotting skills and the wave motif again for her Red, Teal and White Waves macrame bracelet below.

Her Teal and Gold macrame earrings (there is also a matching bracelet) is exquisite!

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  1. I've heard it said that; "What's old is new again". When I was in my early twenties macramé was the rage, everyone was doing it, from pot hangers to belts and purses to jewelry. Then it seemed to die out, lost its shiny new appeal and was overlooked for the next newest craft craze to come along.
    It's wonderful to see that people like Tiffany still practice this wonderful craft/art and her owl pendants are beautiful...very clever, very creative. Also love those macramé earrings, but then they're in my favorite color, turquoise, so how could I knot love them? :)

  2. Micro macrame jewelry can be fabulous! I saw some locally (and Ft. Wayne is almost local but I haven't seen hers in person yet)and was very impressed. It's beautiful and very intricate.

  3. Beautiful! It's even more beautiful than macrame of old using the hemp with the tiny knots. I always loved macrame as a teenager and taught myself how to make a pot hanger, but then, as Almost Precious pointed out, it died away. It's nice to see it's back!


  4. Wow, that's so fabulous and eye catching.I love each piece which just adorn one's beauty and stumble me here for a while.Outstanding jewelries with beautiful colors.


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