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Trash Metal Collection by Autumn Bradley

You know how careful we are not to mar our jewelry pieces while we are working on them?

Well, Autumn Bradley does the opposite! Her Trash Metal Collection is not recycled jewelry but purposely distressed sterling silver and copper designs.

Autumn explains, "Trashed means that I do a number of sadistic mean things to the metal which may consist of stabbing, smashing, or filing...just to name a few. Whatever methods I use, the result is that the poor metal has literally been beaten to hell. This process is done entirely by hand which means that every piece is unique."

The distinctive look she creates is for a reason. "They might not be perfect but that's the point. We are all originals with flaws, dents, and a few shiny spots. My jewelry is meant to celebrate that." 

Now that's a thought - we so often seek perfection but we really should celebrate our quirks and flaws for that's what makes us unique individuals. As for Autumn's creations, her jewelry is just as unique. It's a goal every jewelry maker should strive for.

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  1. Interesting concept.

  2. These are so beautiful. I'd like to have something like these.

    (via Facebook)

  3. I love what she does to her silver...while I don't go that far I definitly don't make my pieces perfect...I think that is for the "jewelry store" Autumn I want my pieces to be individual and unique to me...Autumn's work is great!!!


  4. After Distressed jeans, I suppose distressed metal could just be the next big thing...

  5. I love the rustic,distressed character of these pieces.

  6. Autumn Bradley's style is definitely unique. While many jewelry artists distress their pieces, sometimes to hide the flaws, Autumn creates flaws that enhance the beauty of her jewelry! Thanks for featuring this up-and-coming artist!

  7. I love distressed furniture so why not jewelry too? Love it!

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!! And a big thanks to Pearl for featuring me!


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