I am always on the lookout for kinetic jewelry designers.  It takes a special kind of artisan to create interactive movement in what are usually static pieces.

Dukno Yoon, a Korean metalsmith, came up with his clever winged series some years ago.  Dukno works involve movement and the interactive relationship with the body.  He is clearly also interested in mechanical structure. He has created a number of rings and a bracelet all of which move!

As you can see from the above animated gif, the ring does mimic a bird in flight. It is operated by a clever spring action.

His winged bracelet comes in two parts :

An amazing vision when in motion too.  The wings flap when he moves his wrist up and down - see that simple lever mechanism?

His other rings deploy different mechanical processes to operate them. Neato!

He has recently been working with metronomes as you can see from his Constrained Wings project on Youtube.


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