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Get a Handle on this Jewelry Display Tutorial!

I've written about many DIY jewelry displays before but it still never fails to delight me when I come across a clever one.  This vertical design tutorial by Liz Marie, an interior designer, features all sorts of cabinet hardware.

She actually lucked out on some cabinet hardware display boards.  She unscrewed the handles and covered the board before reattaching some handles in some of the holes.

There is no reason why you can't make your own out of a board, cloth and cabinet hardware on sale! You will have to drill holes for the handles. 

This tutorial appeals because of the variety of hardware designs. Necklaces and bracelets hang well on knobs whereas earrings can be hung from the bar styles.

Michelle (Mich in LA) - if you are reading this, then this tutorial will surely inspire you one more time with what to do with some of the dozens of non-recyclable plastic packing clips for skis!   That is some eco challenge she set herself!

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  1. very nice. Knowing Mich she'll probably make enough for an entire jewellery store using this idea :)

  2. Using cabinet & drawer handles and knobs for jewelry displays is among my favorites and on my to-do list!

  3. Ah Ha! You're timing is perfect, Pearl, I have been noodling around with the rest of my stash all week and this is a 'gem' of an idea. Ya might see it one of these day...thanks, lady!

  4. It is a cute and different way to display one's jewelry.

    I visited Michelle L's blog and her cleverness just blew my mind. What would have ended up as trash she has definitely turned into treasure. Now I'm wondering where one can get their hands on some of those ski clips. :)


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