Elena Senilnik, the Ukranian wire work designer behind Lena Senilnik Art, creates beautiful and fluid wire wrapped gemstone designs.  Her distinctive style often turns irregular shaped stones into works of art!  Her ammonite pieces are original and unusual as is her way of placing the gemstones off center for some designs.

Australia Pendant

What also caught my attention were two particular continent pieces where she extended her wire work to create Australia and Africa pendants.  Truly unique. 

Africa Pendant
As you can see she works with copper and uses soldering as well as wire wrapping techniques. She has a remarkable talent for envisioning designs from the gemstones themselves.

Elena says she became passionate about her art after she stayed home to care for her children.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram. She also sells tutorials for some of her designs.

Chili pepper pendant!

Ammonite bracelet

Studio : Bracelet work in progress

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