It always amazes me with the many ways one can wire wrap a cabochon.  This tutorial design by OxanaCrafts (an American living in Australia) is different. It has prongs but they are wide and wavy!  As there are multiple prongs, the cabochon will be held securely and yet the view of the stone is not obstructed.  She makes the prongs smaller at the front for that reason.

Wraps like this are best accomplished with square wire for the main frame and half round wire to do the wrapping.

Like other experienced wire workers, this instructor makes those prongs by eye. You could also measure and mark the wire if you aren't confident about making consistent sized prongs.

I've mentioned before, I like using a pin vise to twist wire especially with wire ends of a work in progress. (Also see post below). The wire might break if you use your pliers and are not careful when twisting.

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