I first came across Lisa of Haus of Gioiella's wonderful and glamorous body chains - see post here.  I also noticed her romantic bridal pearl and lace jewelry.  They were designed for formal wear - not all were exclusively for brides.

Her pieces are her own spin on the haute couture trends she sees.  Her use of lace applique especially for the spectacular necklace and shoulder piece shown above and below.  It was deservedly featured in Bride and Groom magazine last year.  Lisa says she has personally worn this design with a LBD (little black dress)!

She also had to make sure the piece was comfortable to wear and stayed in place. She added "a chain below the arm and some weight to the ends of the applique so it doesn't flap around while dancing!"

Lisa has an inspirational Instagram - worth a visit to see her stunning use of grid layouts.  You can also see more designs on her website.

I had to ask why she focuses on bridal pieces. She explained, "I mostly work with brides because it is such a fun market - every bride seems to have a new challenge for me: floral crowns, brooch bouquets, crystal hairpieces and personalized gifts. it's a market that really pushes my abilities makes me learn more."

Bridal garter set

This Canadian designer is lucky she lives in Montreal.  She said, "It's really easy to find great accessory places in Montreal! Most are concentrated on St. Hubert street and if I still can't find something I'll track down a shop online first then scout out the brick and mortar. And most are family run which is always wonderful - I get to meet people from all walks of life!"

"I am self taught. It all started when I learned how to make shamballa bracelets (a Youtube tutorial!) and then snowballed to chain work, beading, casting, and even soldering. As far as inspiration, well I am so happy when my clients are happy and it encourages me and validates that I am on the right path." 

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