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Stained Glass Jewelry by Ofelway

Stained Glass Jewelry by Ofelway

I always assumed real stained glass jewelry would be near impossible. All that soldering of small pieces of glass!  But Ofeliya Chun of Ofelway proved me wrong!  This Russian artist says she is the third generation to get into the soldering art. Her grandfather, father and brother all solder. For her, picking up and using the soldering iron felt right.

Her amazing talent for working with such small pieces of glass shows most clearly in her scarab beetle brooches.

As with the traditional stained glass technique albeit on a smaller scale,  Ofeliya has to hand cut tiny bits of glass, grind the edges smooth then add the copper foil before soldering.  She also adds patina. The result is gorgeous. 

Stained glass poppy flower ring

Stained glass angel necklace

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  1. I'm stunned by this gal's work! This kind of work is NOT easy! I've sweated over my soldering iron for the last month and a half and it's not my first soldering rodeo either. I've been soldering since I was in my teens and let's just say it's been going on a long time.

    But I'll never get as good as this gal is. Kudos to her for such gorgeous work! I'm truly in awe.

    1. Her work is indeed amazing! Any one who solders will know what it takes to produce such work.

  2. Beautiful and painstaking work! I love the scarabs and the picture with one on her forehead is so ingenious!

  3. Wow..this is very different from the typical stained glass jewelry that you often see.


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