Paracord 550 is arguably the most common material used for unisex jewelry.  Dimitri Wirt of Speyer, Germany specializes in braid cord work.  His shop, Cordbraid, shows off his different types of bracelets as well as unique key fobs.  I knew Etsy had different style categories (boho, contemporary and so on)  to describe listings but this is the first time I have seen "brutalist"!

Dimitri is not just skilled with braiding cords. His creations are often Viking themed. The Thor's hammer clasps he combines with his cord work are particularly noteworthy.  He uses really high quality clasps - bronze, stainless steel and even sterling silver.

He explains, "Thor's Hammer is also called Mjöllnir (Lightning). In the transitional period from paganism to Christianity, the bearer of the Mjöllnir demonstrated his affiliation with the old faith. As an amulet he combines strength and protection."  The hammer was so powerful, it could level mountains.

Thor is featured in Norse mythology as the thunder god - the protector of humanity.  Old Norse was the medieval language spoken by Scandinavians.

Thor's Hammer Amulet
The Vikings were accomplished Norse seafarers so I was not surprised to see bold anchor clasps like this one :

Dimitri  told me how he got started back in 2015 : "I saw this parachute cord on the internet and was immediately fascinated. At the beginning, I only made keyrings. Then I had so many things at home that I decided to sell the things. For 1 1/2 years I also make bracelets and it never gets boring. I always come up with new ideas and designs. My dream is to drive the brand forward and to delight my customers with handmade bracelets."

The Vegvisir "is a symbol described only in one modern Icelandic collection of spells, the so-called Huld manuscript. That book has nothing more than this one sentence to say about it: “If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.”"

Key fob with Vegvisir coin

Maritime Braided Pendant or Keyforb
Check out Dimitri's Instagram for more!

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