Elephant hair bracelets originated in Africa. The traditional craft used real elephant hair and special adjustable knots.  Unfortunately if you were to purchase a real elephant hair bracelet today, there is no way of knowing whether the hair used was really shed by elephants and collected from trees and bushes or, (more likely), were from poached elephants killed for their ivory tusks.

But you can get the same style but in wire! Definitely elephant friendly and far more durable than the real thing.

Below is what a traditional elephant hair bracelet looks like.

Genuine Elephant Hair Bracelet

This is what an elephant's tail looks like up close from r/Damnthatsinteresting

One of my students at Iguana Beads actually asked if I made them and if so, could I make it in sterling silver for her.   I have come across one tutorial before. It made me realize just how much practice and not to mention, a great deal of thick wire involved, to make one of these!  That is when I went hunting and recommended one expert bracelet maker who specializes in this style - American artisan,  Patrick Martinez of safaribracelet.  His bracelets are beautifully made. 

He has had 25 years experience in making bracelets with the unique adjustable sliding knots. The latter have to be made just right otherwise the knots will not slide smoothly.  He makes them in precious metals and in 5 different sizes. I especially love the mixed metal ones.  The number of knots and number of wires also vary.

Patrick also offers custom designs made with artificial elephant hair if you wish to have a more authentic look :

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