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Felt Bracelet Tutorial Anyone?

I once bought a gorgeous wet felted wool hat from Charlene of Noggins, a local artisan from the Guelph area. Her needle felted embellishments are what makes her designs stand out. (Her friend and the other half of Noggins, Judy, sews marvelous fabric newsboy style hats and I've bought one of hers too! See her patterns on Etsy.)

Charlie first crochets enormous wool hats which she then felts and embellishes. I marvel at her skill as it requires good control of all the variables like wool type and felting temperatures not to mention shaping!

Perhaps I could manage a simpler project?  Check out Sonya Kanelstrand's blog tutorial for a felted bracelet. This talented photographer behind Kanelstrand shows how one can knit a giant wool bangle.

After that, she takes you through the felting method - she uses her front loading washing machine. Then it is onwards to shaping and drying. The fun part is to needle felt designs. Her examples at the end of her blog post are lovely!

These creations are soft and light to wear! Plus they can be made to match your outfits.

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  1. That is some knitting I could actually manage. (I can do flat pieces, or something like a hat on a knitting loom, and that's it. Crochet also escapes me entirely.)

  2. Unfortunately the first link doesn't work. I was hoping to see her felted hats!

    A friend of mine from Guelph came to visit and we made felted hats. It was a lot of fun and I love my wool hat! We knit ours before felting and shaped them on hat stands after then embelllished them with felted flowers. (remind me to wear it to our next chat)

    Making a felted bracelet would open up so many possibilities! you've got me thinking....

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I have corrected that link.

      Would love to see your felted hat!

  3. Do try crochet someday. I was reluctant for years but once I learned to crochet, I now prefer it to knitting. It is more versatile and translates to wirework well.


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