Laura Critchfield is an artist based in Ohio.  She said she dabbled in two dimensional art forms - painting, drawing, photography - for many years while raising a family.  But she watched glass artists work their magic for many years.

But after she spotted some lampwork beads in a gallery in Sanibel, Florida, she decided to take up the craft and signed up for a class.  That eventually lead to chestnutridgedesigns which is full of gorgeous lampwork beads.

Laura said, "I have a simple set up, a torch and fuel, (although I bought a high tech kiln that does a million things) and my glassed in studio overlooks a deep ravine which is always full of animals and wildlife." This explains how flowers are such an integral part of her designs!

Cupcake lampwork beads

Laura added, "Glass is a wonderful mix of fluid medium and chance- you never know what will come out of the kiln in the morning, sometimes it's not quite what you may have expected, but it's always a nice surprise!"

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