Owls are always popular as jewelry designs.  Those big eyes are adorable. They make great gifts for students!

Here are 3 awesome wire wrapped owl tutorials which not only embrace the owl element but will teach you how to form wire into an animal shape.  You will also learn how to coil and weave wire.

Shown above is the wire wrapped owl tutorial by Anri Adachi of AnriAdachiJewellery. It is a pleasing design right down to the little tufts above its eyes!

Rachel Murgatroyd's big eyed owl design tutorial reminds me of the little robot Wall-E.  You can get her tutorial over on WireGuild.

Giorgia Iorio of  Filidargento925 also has a beautiful owl pendant tutorial . This owl rests on a twig and has lovely tail feathers.

Not a wire worker?  Check out the beading versions below!

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