I am constantly in awe of designers who are accomplished to the nth degree in more than one technique. Such is the case with Canadian lamp work artist, Jacqueline Parkes of gemsinbloom.

This full time lamp work designer is also skilled in enamel copper work which she combines with her glass work.  What an unusual combination. She offers her work as luscious jewelry components. Her attention to detail with such demanding flame work is phenomenal.

Look carefully and you will see a gap in the enamel color near the component holes. Jacqueline explained, "All of my enameled copper pieces due to the special kind of work I do with my raised florals and dragonflies etc will have a tiny area where there is no enamel. This is where I hold the piece in the flame while I work with a pair of hemostats. 

This is the only way I can work with this style of my enamels. I hold the piece in a place where the designer can easily work around it, usually at the top of the earring charms and pendants. It can easily be hidden with bead caps, wire wrapping, bead drops etc."

That combination of lamp work glass on enamel copper is what gives her pieces depth and texture. I particularly love how she adds little round glass beads in some of her designs.

Jacqueline also offers a number of beautiful lamp work tutorials along with bead recipes. 

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