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How to Turn a Wood Pendant into a Copper Pendant | Electroforming Demo

Electroplating is when metal is plated over a metal object. Electroforming is when metal is plated over a non-metallic object which has been coated with a conductive paint.  Electroforming is thus a great technique if you want to turn polymer clay, resin or wood into copper pieces.

Here is an electroforming demo by one of my favorite Youtubers - Peter Brown.  He is a woodworker in his spare time. He first made a simple pendant from scrap wood and then copper electroformed it.

As you can see, it is a very simple process - even if what you remember from science class is a bit vague.  You do have to be patient as it takes hours to coat a piece.  Check out the info section of his video for the full list of what he used.  He did use an electroforming kit which is no longer available on Amazon.

You can still gather the necessary materials and equipment yourself.  Metalsmith Brittany Witt of Maker Monologues has an excellent article on what you need to get started on copper electroforming.  She includes many tips and resource alternatives.

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  1. If you have $425 there is an electroforming/etching kit at Rio Grande (search "Sherri Haab" and it should be the first result).

    1. Thanks for the tip! It looks like one has to spend a few hundred dollars to get started.

  2. I did not know that wood or resin could be electroformed by using a conductive paint. This is a very informative video. Thanks for sharing it

  3. I've been wanting to try electroforming for a long time. I've got bits and pieces set aside that are needed and the list helps to figure out all the rest.

    What a great idea for your wood pieces Pearl!

    1. Yes, I thought so too. But it will be a long while before I can try electroforming!


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