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Paper Bead and Leather Bracelet Tutorial Uses UTEE for Durability

I am sure you have come across paper beads before.  They are nothing new.  But this paper bead and leather bracelet tutorial by Rhonda Chase Design is different.  For starters, Rhonda created large hole Pandora style beads which can be used for bold leather bracelet designs.

What makes these paper beads durable is the use of clear UTEE - ultra thick embossing enamel. It adds a bit of dimension and gloss.  It dries fairly fast so it is not using resin!

I like Rhonda's easy method of dip coating and then drying with a heat gun. But as she says, it is laborious.

Consider getting a small craft melting pot if you like to make a lot of beads this way. You could prepare several dowels worth of beads using the method in the Ranger Ink video below.

Don't have a melting pot?  How about repurposing an unloved fondue pot? Or maybe a chocolate fondue holder with a tea light for heating? Just be careful to not overheat UTEE otherwise you will get a yellowing effect.

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  1. this is an interesting way to do paper beads thanks for sharing

  2. I've used utee on decoupage and it eventually cracks but looks really neat like that. It's easily fixable by reheating it and possibly redipping and heat gun again. Or leave as is.

  3. thanks for sharing two very different ways to work with UTEE

  4. What a great way to make sturdy (and shiny) paper beads! Now this is a completely different look!


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