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Elegant Feather Inspired Ring Tutorial Uses Polymer Clay and Rhinestones

I've seen some lovely metal clay rings. However, polymer clay ones are great alternatives.  You get color and all you need is a regular oven not a kiln or a torch!

Check out Gloria Uhler of Domestic -Divaonline's rhinestone polymer clay ring tutorial for an elegant idea. 

I love the feather mold she used to get that textured look.  You could also use a texture plate and trim a ring shape to size.

Gloria shares her tips on how to prepare a form to maintain the ring shape during the curing process.

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  1. very elegant! good for this time of the year. :)

  2. Such a lovely ring. I believe - even though most of us aren't going too many places - that we need to be wearing our jewelry. It simply makes us feel better.

    I've left my yard 4 times this summer but I haven't gone one day without wearing loading up my ears with ear cuffs and gorgeous earrings.

    So wearing rings now that we are going to be inside and not digging in the garden or doing endless painting is the perfect idea and the perfect time.


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