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Wire Mesh and Wood Earrings Tutorial

Gloria Uhler of Domestic-DivaOnline sure is one creative crafter!  When I played around with shapes for my geometric art deco inspired laser cut wood pieces, I envisaged crafters staining or perhaps wood burning designs on them. Filling the spaces with resin was another idea I had.

Gloria came up with an even better one!  Her wire mesh and wood earrings tutorial shows you how to add wire mesh and nail heads for an industrial look!

Her crafty idea made me think one could incorporate household rejects for cool recycled or repurposed designs. Eco friendly designs are all the rage.

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  1. hmm, I had planned to put lace behind one of your more open shapes, now I'll have to think of other materials too...
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Now that is clever! I didn't even think of lace. That would give it a feminine touch whereas Gloria's is more of an edgy design.

    2. so many ideas, so little time....


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